mondays are for...family horror...ha ha — i could hardly wait, but: TODAY is the official release date for the latest/the newest kann records various artist compilation "family horror" / info: ”KANN07 comes as a diverse twin-vinyl headhouse compilation feat. labelholders valued friends and beloved artists. "Family Horror" is telling about the similar windchill factor on various places. Dorisburg, Falke, Sevensol & Bender, Efdemin, Even Tuell, Map.ache and Johannes Beck try to explain." — uuuui — and im really proud to keep my artwork in hands - first time cmyk full colour record sleeve. ...  YES! 
— i'll show you the 4 labels and may be some sketches or handwriting samples soon!

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/ read more here or here
/ hear it here
/ see it here (hopefully soon)