2013 05 21 — 06 03 I BLOOMINGADLES

B L O O M I N G D A L E S (1000 3rd avenue, 59/60 st)

"I don't believe people die. They just go uptown. To Bloomingdales. They just take longer to get back."  (Andy Warhol)

"For Warhol, the shopping experience at Bloomingdale's was unparalleled: it represented for him a type of emotional Valhalla. When asked about his mother, who had returned to pittsburgh in 1971 when her health deteriorated, Warhol was known to simply say that she had gone to Bloomingdale's. As one of the first destinations on his daily routine, Warhol could be found chatting with a familiar sales person, then turning to pose for a snapshot for an admirer." (Andy Warhols New York CityThomas Kiedrowksi

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